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3 Tips For Learning Alphabet

For the All Round Development of your child The Home Entertainment introduces the concept of Alphabets, Counting, Hindi and Vyanjan along with so many English and hindi rhymes. The vibrant colors, live animation and melodious music blend with the educational content make it a fun and frolic learning experience. The rhythmic rhymes will make your ward dance on its tunes. Happy learning while playing, dancing and enjoy an abc game.

1. Be Committed
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because this is how supposed to be. Being a great football player or pianist did not happen just one overnight. So does learning a new language! Give yourself a time to think what are your priorities in life then be committed to it. Don’t stop, always push yourself forward!

2. Practice everyday
Learning language is like learning playing football, you just can’t become football superstar without practicing and kicking ball everyday. So always remember 1 hour for learning English in a week is not enough.

3. Stay simple
If you’re not feeling comfortable about complicated sentences just DON’T do it. Stay simple. Simplify your speech. Remember language is to communicate, so stay understandable.

Watch the letter marching in a row. (March, march!)Every letter has its place and a very happy face.They spell the words we know.With the Alphabet Parade, you can see how words are made.

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how to get cheap godaddy domains


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Android Game

Top 10 best Android games of December 2013

1.Bug Rush Free

Dinner is served and bug soup is on the menu! In this floral inspired tower defence game you control a colourful selection of carnivorous plants; deadly and determined not to let a single insect cross the garden. Plant your plants in intricate mazes and watch in amazement as bug squash carnage ensues.

If you are into tower defense games like Robo Defense, Fieldrunners, Bloons TD, Plants vs Zombies, Grave Defense or desktop TD you will love Bug Rush.

Key features:
★ Different, highly specialized species of killer plants sporting spiky thorns, poisonous slime and other grueling bio hazards to stop the insect horde.
★ Wide variety of unique enemy insects that are guaranteed to keep you challenged and on your toes.
★ Endless defense combinations to try out.
★ Campaign with many hours of addictive gameplay.
★ Mean bosses and the mighty Insect Queens – defeat them or watch in horror as they march through your defenses!



SlamBots! SLAM your way through swarms of evil robots in this action packed arena battle game.Use an array of spiky slamming machines to crush the enemy, rack up massive scores, and power up your skills.

Slam the night away in multiple arenas, unlock various characters, mostly it’s about slamming (touch and hold the screen to Slam!).

Bullet Points:-

Awesome Power-ups!
Sweet pixely arts!
Thumping chiptunes!
Smooth tilt controls!
Guest araknasaur: Velocispider!

3.Subway Surfers cheats

This GUIDE is for the fans only! This app “COMPLETELY FREE” is the strategy guide of the Game!

To help you in the game, this strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips, tricks, hints and cheats on how to win.
! Introduction
! How to become an expert
! Cheat Code
! Game Briefing
! Best Android Games
! Game Review

Remember, In the game sometimes it does not only have one way to complete! Looking from a different perspective can also help you solving by yourself each riddle.

4.Mountain Climb Race 2

Mountain Climb Race 2 is an amazing physics-based racing game for Android. Ride throughout steep mountains and collect as many coins as you can. Hit the gass or brake button to balance your car and try to go as far as possible. Use your hard-earned coins to upgrade your car and go even further.

Mountain Climb Race 2 now has new and different terrains. Also, there are new characters for your enjoyment – and some of the craziest rides!
What are you waiting for? Try Mountain Climb Race 2 now!!!


- 6 cars to unlock.
- 4 entertaining worlds.
- Achievement system.
- Leaderboards.
- Excellent gameplay.

5.Special Force Sniper

Terrorists are back now! As the elite sniper of Special Force, you must stop them once again!

Try to kill your opponents before they defeat you. Just remember, a top sniper can fight by himself with a whole army!

Choose between six different scenes and show us your assassination skills.

Use your finger to aim and shoot! Good luck!

6.Tower Blocks 2

Millions of players are playing our game “Tower Blocks”, “Tower Blocks 2″ will give you more surprises!!!

A very classic City Building game to play!
Your goal in this free construction game is to build as high and as stable building as possible by dropping blocks. Construct your own skyscraper, construct your own city.
Create a thriving Megalopolis! Have fun!

Game Tips:
✔ Build towers and place them wisely in the city grid to reach the goal.

✔ Challenging tasks, rewards and achievements.
✔ Lovely UI and cool animation effects.

7.Crack My Screen

Make fun of your family and friends with the Crack My Screen app.
Tap on the screen to create the illusion that your phone screen just got cracked! They can even hear a broken glass sound to make it more realistic.
Crack My Screen application runs in the background until the screen is tapped.

Features include vibration, broken glass sound, multiple cracked images. You can also move the cracked image around on the phone screen.

Keywords: cracked, broken, damaged, screen, phone, prank, joke, friends, kids, children, funny.

8.3D Taxi


Being a 3D taxi driver in 21st century is more than a job, more than a need, it is now timing driving race. The car is all you have, so in order to get enough money to survive and also to improve your taxi car with some cool upgrades you need to race all day through heavy city traffic and busy people. They are all looking to get to their destination in a cool car, but most important, they are all in hurry. Be the first 3D taxi car driver that fight against the time and prove your drift and driving skills. Collect all the passengers according to the GPS locations and bring them in your super muscle taxi car. Drive safety but fast, speed is the secret ingredient for good money. As a good tip, search always for the shortest distance to the GPS locations. This crazy taxi customers are looking to have fun while you are driving around. Fun means speed, speed means adrenaline, adrenaline means real money for your career. Keep up the challenge and advance your online career in a supercharged 3D taxi racing car! Go big, go crazy, go race! Start your adventure in a cool BMW M5, a brand new car special designed for this crazy taxi race. This game is an amazing urban taxi.

9.Wash Pets – kids games

After a whole day exciting play, all those little fluffy and cute animals are so dirty! Do you want to hold those little messy pets? No? How about let’s take a bath for those little pets to make them looks pretty again? Make the pet show its best with a lot of option available in the game. Now enjoy it!

10.Skate Surfers Free

skateSkate Surfers is an exciting and Free Skate game, you will be skating around whole city trying to reach the highest score!
Go wild in the Skate World!
The way to play is very easy!
You can get the points multiplier and reach a much higher score!
Turn and Run as fast as you can!
Amazing sound effects!
You can Post your Score to FaceBook and challenge your friends!
Nice 3D Graphics!Great Graphics
By Foose Games